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“Mrs Susan Mulready was my careers and university advisor during my time at The British School of the Netherlands. When applying for university, there were many elements of my application I had to think about and understand. I wanted to apply for university in the UK and The Netherlands, and therefore, had to use the Dutch application system as well as UCAS. Mrs Mulready helped me with setting up these applications, gave me the understanding of what I needed to include in the individual motivation letters for each university and would always follow up with me to see how the applications had gone and the responses I received. I am now studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Groningen, one of my top choice universities that I wanted to attend. Mrs Mulready helped me greatly throughout the entire process of my applications, and I could tell that she really cared for the students and their future goals.” — Tilda



“During my time at school, I had a hard time figuring out what course was appropriate for me as I studied a variety of British/International curriculums, including A-levels, Btec, IB and the EPQ; this made it harder for me to find a university that accepted them all. During this process, I can confidently say that Susan really stuck by my side, providing any resources she could find regarding universities both during and outside of our sessions, making sure I had the best possible options. I ended up applying to the University of the West of England in Bristol in Filmmaking and absolutely loved it. Apart from providing support with finding an appropriate university, Susan was extremely helpful when it came to writing up my letter of motivation too. We would have weekly sessions where I would present what I had written so far and together we would break it down and make small changes until it was perfect to send off. I was very pleased with the experience that I had with Susan and without hesitation would recommend her to anyone needing that bit of extra support.” — Irene



“Ik had hulp nodig met de inschrijving van mijn universiteit, en ik kwam op de site van Susan. Ze heeft mijn werk snel nagekeken en heeft geholpen om de beste versie van mijn werk in te leveren. Daarbij moest ik een motivatie brief schrijven waar Susan veel aan heeft kunnen bijdragen. Het liep gemakkelijk en ik heb veel tips kunnen oplopen.” — Olivia



“I reached out to Susan to help guide me through writing my Essays and Dissertation, so I would be able to turn in my best work. Her editing and proofreading saved me a lot of time and mistakes that I otherwise would have missed. Her quick responses and dedication enabled me to work efficiently, and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs any proofreading.” — Kate



“Zo lang als ik mij kan herinneren wilde ik al Hotel Management studeren. In mijn eindexamenjaar kwam ik erachter dat ik toch nog heel veel moest doen voordat ik bij de studie kon worden toegelaten omdat de studie wordt in het Engels gegeven. Voor de verschillende scholen moest ik een motivatiebrief schrijven. Hiervoor heb ik contact opgenomen met Susan Mulready om mij te helpen. Dit zorgde er niet alleen voor dat ik een kwalitatief goede motivatiebrief had, maar ook dat ik leerde hoe ik nu en in de toekomst sterker schriftelijk kan communiceren in het Engels. Ik ben Susan super dankbaar want door haar hulp doe ik nu mijn droomopleiding Hotel Management aan Breda University of Applied Sciences.” — Ninieke



“Mrs. Mulready provided me with great assistance throughout the process of university applications during my last year of high school. Whenever help was needed, she would be by my side. She never hesitated to respond as fast possible with the best solutions to whatever the issue was. She was a very important factor overall, and played a major role in my admission to the Liberal Arts and Studies program at the Erasmus University College in Rotterdam. I am very grateful to have had her support and knowledge throughout the application process.” — Elias



“During my last two years at the British school in The Netherlands, I encountered many problems I’d never dealt with before. Having to start thinking about applying to universities at the beginning of year 12 meant a lot of planning. Thankfully, I was guided by Susan Mulready in the careers department who truly put my mind at ease. We created short-term as well as long-term plans, which allowed me to meet all my early bird deadlines. This allowed me to apply for better accommodation, and early registration for key courses. She helped me write and edit my personal statements and the multiple motivation letters needed for Dutch universities. Mrs Mulready was always calm and patient with me and helped to calm all the pre-uni nerves that arose weekly. She was incredible and helped me meet word counts whilst keeping all the valuable information, which made my applications much easier to read. The best thing about the help she provided was how she made time for each person she worked with. Ultimately, she helped me get into the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen (top 100 universities during 2020) in the university college of Groningen faculty with an unconditional offer. She never let me down, especially during the pandemic and kept the support that many educational institutions dismissed. I am now enjoying my 3rd year of university in Groningen studying life and health sciences (LAS specialisation) I am looking forward to pursuing genetic research for my master's, for which I’m sure I’ll need Mrs Mulready’s help! Thank you again!” — Pernelle


“Mrs Mulready guided me through my University applications and with it being such a daunting experience, I felt more optimistic and assured due to her fantastic support. Mrs Mulready’s organisation is also a trait that I admired as frequent reminders and recommendations were provided throughout the entire process with a focus on personal attention. Proofreading skills is also something she is very knowledgeable in which was a great help when it came to reading and checking my personal statement, something that takes many trials and errors! Overall, I am not able to thank Mrs Mulready enough for her guidance as even after helping me with my university application and having noticed the atmosphere was not a suitable match after attending there for one year, I was able to contact her for further additional support for transferring universities.” — Manuela, BA (Hons) Fashion Design student at Amsterdam Fashion Academy


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