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Copy Editing

The aim of copy editing is to ensure your writing has the greatest possible impact on your audience. It’s about ensuring a text is easy to understand and may involve:

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors

  • Revising sentences for clarity or concision

  • Restructuring the text so it flows smoothly

  • Looking for inconsistencies in tone, spelling or formatting

  • Checking that the vocabulary is appropriate and making or suggesting changes

  • Adapting the tone of the writing to suit the intended audience or purpose

  • Ensuring the document follows any relevant style guide

  • Providing feedback and advice on writing style or content

My task as a copy editor isn’t to make major changes the content or structure of a text, but if a sentence or paragraph is ambiguous or awkward, I will work with you to improve it.

As a Freelance Proofreader and Editor at Proofed — Proofreading and Editing Services — my responsibilities include:

  • Business and corporate document editing and proofreading

  • Academic (including technical and scientific) editing and proofreading

  • ESL document editing and proofreading

  • Professional document (CVs, resumes, covering letters) editing and proofreading

I have professional experience editing and proofreading English documents in US, British, Australian and Canadian English. I am fluent in all academic style guides and specialise in supporting ESL writers. I also proofread and edit for businesses and authors.

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