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Whether you’re a student, a writer or a professional in your field, clear, concise error-free writing is vitally important. It isn’t always easy to review your own writing and spot typos, spelling and punctuation mistakes, or to recognise inconsistencies. If you lack confidence in your written English or simply want to make sure you haven’t missed anything, you may consider having a professional proofread your text to ensure it’s accurate, precise and reads clearly without any awkward phrasing. From spelling and grammar to style and tone, I will help you to produce work that communicates your meaning as clearly and effectively as possible. My proofreading service involves:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

  • Removing repetition, redundancies and editing for concision

  • Ensuring your vocabulary suits the type of document and its purpose

  • Fixing inconsistencies in style, capitalisation and punctuation 

  • Fine-tuning sentences to make sure they read smoothly

  • Identifying unclear sentences and offering suggested corrections

  • Checking citations and references are clear and correct (if applicable)

Proofreading is essential for any text that will be read by others, whether it’s a school assignment, academic paper, job application, online article, or marketing material. 

My aim is to apply the final polishing touches to your work before it’s submitted, published or shared and to help you communicate effectively and as you intend.

As a Freelance Proofreader and Editor at Proofed — Proofreading and Editing Services — my responsibilities include:

  • Business and corporate document editing and proofreading

  • Academic (including technical and scientific) editing and proofreading

  • ESL document editing and proofreading

  • Professional document (CVs, resumes, covering letters) editing and proofreading

I have professional experience editing and proofreading English documents in US, British, Australian and Canadian English. I am fluent in all academic style guides and specialise in supporting ESL writers. I also proofread and edit for businesses and authors.

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